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Localization and software translation

Software localization is a process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture. This process is labor-intensive and often requires significant efforts from development teams. There are tools that can simplify the localization process. A lot of these projects get outsourced to specialized companies to cut costs.

Software localization can also refer to adapting software from one culture to another. During localization, some references to history or culture are replaced with an equivalent native reference which ideally does not change the meaning of the statement.

Pseudolocalization is a software testing method that is used to test a software product's readiness for localization.

Localization is often abbreviated L10n.

Localization goals

There is a lot of computer programs in Polish market, which have various purposes and different difficulty levels. Users familiarize with most of them by themselves using their own intuition, given help options, manuals or instructions attached to the applications. However, many of the computer systems prospective customers meet linguistic barriers, which can be impassable. The market analysis point at the fact that even perfect application will not find an expected number of customers in Polish market if it is untranslated. Additionally, Polish law rules impose the requirement of fully translated documentation supply. Nowadays not any corporation can think about the market conquest with the not localized product, no matter how good and wanted it is.

Software localization goal is to supply functional and fully customized product in the given linguistic version which is compatible with the user expectations and requirements. Such a product can enter the local market and win it being one of the main parts of the corporate success.

Localization services

CADExpert sp. z o.o. provides clients with the following localization services:

  • software UI translations
  • technical documentation (white papers), websites, service instructions translations
  • proofreading and editing
  • dictionaries terminology preparation
  • full software localization and engineering – manual and automation software testing
  • translation verification testing
  • creating localization add-ons
  • complex online help and documentation creation and compilation
  • QA testing

Throughout the period of several years we have gained enough experience to participate in the most demanding projects.

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Localization tools

There are professional translating software programs at our disposal ( SDL Trados, Idiom DVX, Passolo). We also use applications, which are created by our engineers especially for the given project.

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Cadexpert history

1994 - first contract of CAD software localization.

Next years - extensioning and strengthening localization practices, launching of Polish language versions of mechanical, architectural and map computer programs.

Establishing co-operation with international companies in the fields of technical translations and software testing.

Quality assurance

Our twenty-year experience and highly skilled staff guarantee products of the highest grade, professional services and technical support. 

We always try to meet actual market requirements. Satisfying the demands goes together with the compliance of the fine quality standards. Our specialists work closely with the clients providing individual approaches to each of them and finding the best solution.